Attend to Tesla Semi and Cybertruck journey head-to-head in a ‘kind of’ drag race

Tesla has put the Cybertruck towards the Tesla Semi in what looks as if a drag race, however it’s much more likely a photograph op.

As a semi-truck, the Tesla Semi has actually remarkable efficiency.

Drivers have mentioned that it handles extra like a sports activities Car than a semi-truck – and it certain speeds up nearer to a sports activities Car.

Tesla quotes a zero to 60 mph acceleration in 20 seconds, however that’s moment pulling a complete load. Somebody who has been caught in the back of a truck on a freeway on-ramp will have to know that that is remarkable.

Now with out a load, the 0-60 mph acceleration is assumed to be nearer to 5 seconds.

Tesla is attempting to build the Cybertruck additionally outperform typical pickup truck. CEO Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla got down to build it “more utilitarian than the F-150 while handling and accelerating like a sports Car.”

Now we get to look the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck journey head-to-head in what seems to be some more or less staged drag race:

The pictures emerged from social media, and a few introduced it as a “drag race” between the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck.

Alternatively, with the Type 3, Type Y, Type S, and Type X, all in white within the again, it seems to be find it irresistible is a staged photograph op for Tesla in lieu than an original demonstration.

But it surely does appear to be they floored the Tesla Semi for a moment, and the tone is admittedly disturbed.

It seems to be find it irresistible is thrashing the Cybertruck, however once more, I suspicion that they have been ground the Electric pickup truck, and we additionally don’t know which model of the truck Tesla is the usage of right here.

The the most effective model of the Cybertruck is anticipated to have 4 motors and boost up from 0 to 60 mph within the ~2.5-second length.

The bottom access variations of the Electric pickup would most probably have an acceleration nearer to a Tesla Semi with out a load.

Both approach, it’s lovely surreal to look the ones two cars at the street side-by-side.

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