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DIMO Founder Andy Chatham on Data-Driven Cars and More

So we’re just trying to build a platform that allows users to take control of their data and use it in ways that are beneficial to them.

Tesla’s cars are more than just vehicles, they are pieces of technology with immense potential for data utilization. Recently, EVANNEX had the chance to speak with Andy Chatham, founder of the open-source connected Car app DIMO, to explore the possibilities of data utilization in the modern automotive landscape.

During the interview, Andy gave us an in-depth look at the DIMO app and what it has to offer Tesla drivers and other Car owners. DIMO is an app that acts as a “home on the internet” for Car owners, where they can access apps and services, customize their Car, upload photos, and connect their Car in order to access data and save money over time. Users can get insurance, financing, battery health score maintenance services, and even buy tires through DIMO partners.

When it comes to autonomous driving, Andy believes that it won’t truly scale until there’s more infrastructure to support regular operations of autonomous vehicles. He thinks that companies like Tesla have the potential to pave the way for fully autonomous trips on highways, but the beginning and end of the trip will be difficult to automate. However, he believes that automated parking and other chunks of the trip are achievable with the right infrastructure.

At the end of the day, DIMO’s goal is to help users take control of their data and use it in ways that are beneficial to them. This can be done by helping them collect and save their own data, something which Andy believes is immensely important for Car owners. With DIMO, users can have more control over their data and use it to their advantage.

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