Elon Musk Advice To Joe Biden's Great Move on Expanding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across The US

Elon Musk Advice To Joe Biden’s Great Move on Expanding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across The US

Joe Biden’s bold move to promote Electric vehicles in the United States has been making headlines lately. President Biden recently announced that he would be introducing 5 lakh charging stations across the country. This move to make the great American road trip possible for EV users, without worrying about running out of charge, has been welcomed by many.

Tesla owner Elon Musk recently shared some advice with the US president, just after his Twitter announcement. Musk stated, “Or you can just buy a Tesla”. He further clarified, “Tesla has open-sourced its charge connector and is enabling other EVs to use Tesla Superchargers”. This means that EV users can take advantage of Tesla Superchargers and get their vehicles fueled up in no time.

In September, Joe Biden visited the Detroit Auto Show, where he flagged off the funding of US$900 million for building Electric vehicle charging booths in 35 states of the United States. CNN quoted Biden’s announcement, “Today, I’m pleased to announce we’re approving funding for the first 35 states, including Michigan, to build their own Electric charging infrastructure throughout their state.”

The ambitious plan to make Electric vehicles more accessible not only helps in reducing air pollution, but also helps in creating jobs for people who will be involved in building and managing the charging stations. Additionally, it will have a positive effect on the economy of the US, as the demand for Electric vehicles will increase.

Overall, Joe Biden’s move to promote Electric vehicles has been welcomed by many and is expected to bring in a lot of positive changes in the country. It is hoped that the government’s efforts will help in making Electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for the general public.

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