Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck will have options for Beast Mode, bulletproof windows that can't roll down

Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck will have options for Beast Mode, bulletproof windows that can’t roll down

Elon Musk Reveals New Details About Tesla Cybertruck in Joe Rogan Interview

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Elon Musk divulged more information about Tesla‘s highly anticipated Cybertruck. The Electric pickup truck, set to be released soon, is expected to weigh between 6,000 and 7,000 pounds depending on the version chosen by customers.

Musk’s specifications for the Cybertruck fall within the typical weight range for Electric vehicles due to the heavy battery they require. For comparison, the Ford Lightning weighs over 6,000 pounds, while the Rivian R1T weighs over 8,000 pounds. Despite its weight, Musk also mentioned that Tesla will offer a “beast mode version” of the Cybertruck, although he did not provide details about what this version would entail. Previously, Musk had stated on Twitter that there will also be a “performance Cybertruck” that “kicks ass.”

One of the standout features of the Cybertruck is its bulletproof steel panels. Musk confirmed that this feature will be included in the vehicle, with an additional option for customers to purchase bulletproof glass. However, he noted that the bulletproof glass will be immobile, as making it functional would require thicker glass that cannot be rolled down. To demonstrate the vehicle’s bulletproof capabilities, Musk plans to conduct three tests using a Tommy gun, a 45-millimeter shotgun, and a 9-millimeter gun.

During the interview, Joe Rogan even tested the Cybertruck’s exterior by shooting an arrow at its stainless steel body, which only left a small dent. Musk expressed his belief that trucks should be tough, emphasizing the durability and resilience of the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck’s “armour glass” windows have been a topic of discussion since its unveiling in 2019. In an initial demonstration, the glass broke when a metal ball was thrown at it, but Musk explained that a prior test had compromised the window. While bulletproof glass is not uncommon in certain vehicles, it is an unusual feature for a civilian vehicle like the Cybertruck.

Musk also expressed his hope for the “Beast Mode” version of the Cybertruck to achieve a zero to 60 miles per hour acceleration time of under 3 seconds. He described the Cybertruck as the “coolest looking fucking production Car that’s ever been made,” a sentiment echoed by Rogan.

Tesla has scheduled a Cybertruck delivery event for November 30, although Musk has cautioned that scaling up production will be a challenging endeavor. Despite the difficulties, Musk remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating something truly unique with the Cybertruck.

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