Elon Musk Will Keep Working Day And Night At Twitter HQ Until It's Fixed; Then What About Tesla?

Elon Musk Will Keep Working Day And Night At Twitter HQ Until It’s Fixed; Then What About Tesla?

Tesla, the Electric Car manufacturer, has been in the limelight ever since the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, took over as the head of Twitter. Musk, who has always been a very active presence on Twitter, announced that he would be working and sleeping at the headquarters of the social media platform until it is fixed. This announcement has caused some Tesla investors to worry, as they are concerned that Musk is giving more attention to Twitter than to the company’s matters.

The purchase of Twitter by Musk in early April has also caused Tesla’s shares to fall by over 50 percent. Musk has also revealed that his workload has drastically increased ever since he purchased Twitter, and that he has been working seven days a week, from sunrise to night. However, some investors are concerned that Tesla needs to recruit a deputy for Musk, seeing that he is putting too much pressure on himself by multitasking.

The concerns of the investors are valid, as Musk is a very important figure in Tesla, and his focus needs to be on the company’s matters. Tesla’s success has been largely due to Musk’s vision and leadership, and it is essential that he pays attention to the company’s affairs, rather than investing too much time in Twitter. Although Musk is a powerful figure in the tech world, it is important that he prioritizes his responsibilities and divides his time between both Twitter and Tesla.

It is also important to note that Tesla has been facing some issues lately, such as production delays and recalls. Musk’s attention would be critical in resolving these issues and ensuring the success of the company. His presence on Twitter cannot be denied, as he is a very influential figure in the platform, but it is important that he pays attention to the matters concerning Tesla.

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