Cybertruck Frame Pic Leak + Huge Holiday Software Update

When it comes to Tesla, the new Cybertruck is certainly one of the biggest topics of conversation. Last week, a picture of the Cybertruck’s frame leaked and it quickly spread across the internet. With the picture came a range of opinions, many of which were from Sandy Munro, the CEO of Munro & Associates, who has become a popular figure in the Tesla world.

Munro’s initial reaction to the leaked frame was that it is much more solid than he had initially expected. He noted that the frame is made from a single piece of aluminum, which is a much stronger design than many other Car frames. He also noted that the frame is much thicker than other Car frames, and that it is designed to handle a lot of stress and pressure.

In addition to the frame, Munro also commented on the design of the Cybertruck. He noted that the design of the vehicle is much more aggressive than he had initially expected, and that it is a much more unique design than what we are used to seeing in the automotive world. Munro also noted that the design of the Cybertruck gives it a much more rugged look and feel, and that it will likely be a popular vehicle among those who are looking for a tougher, more durable vehicle.

The Tesla fleet was also the recipient of a holiday software update this week. The update brings with it some really fun new features, including the ability to customize the color and brightness of the vehicle’s exterior lighting, as well as the ability to control the air suspension. The update also brings with it better integration with Tesla’s mobile app, allowing users to control the vehicle and its features from their smartphone.

Tesla also rolled out more Megachargers for the Tesla Semi this week. Megachargers are Tesla’s fastest charging stations, and they are designed to help Semi drivers get to their destination faster. With the addition of more Megachargers, Tesla is making it easier for Semi drivers to get to their destinations without having to worry about running out of charge.

Finally, Tesla fans can pick up a few accessories for their vehicles this week. For those looking for a front license plate bracket, there’s the SnapPlate from EveryAmp. For those looking to upgrade their Tesla’s Sentry Mode/Dashcam, there’s a 128gb or 256gb kit from PureTesla. And for those looking for some aftermarket Tesla accessories, there’s AbstractOcean, where you can get 15% off your first order with the code RTLpodcast.

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