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EV Home Charging Study finds owner satisfaction down

The Electric vehicle (EV) market is growing, with more people enjoying the environmental and economic benefits of owning an EV. But with this growth comes the challenge of ensuring that EV owners have a satisfactory charging experience. Recently, J.D. Power conducted a study to assess the EV owner experience with home charging, and the results have revealed some interesting information.

The study found that EV owners are less satisfied with the overall charging experience than before. The study surveyed EV owners about eight facets of their home charging experience: the fairness of the Charger‘s retail price, the cord length, the size of the Charger, the ease of winding/storing the cable, the cost of charging, the charging speed, the ease of use, and the reliability. The study showed that overall satisfaction with Level 2 charging dropped in all nine national regions.

The study revealed that EV owners are not taking advantage of programs that could help reduce the cost of charging their vehicles. Only 51% of EV owners are aware of utility company programs that could save them money on charging their vehicles, and only 35% of owners always schedule a time to charge their vehicle. This suggests that many EV owners may be missing out on lower rates at non-peak times or local utility programs that can help reduce their cost of charging.

The study also found that Tesla chargers had the highest overall satisfaction score with a score of 790, followed by the Grizzl-E Charger with 757 points and Emporia Energy at 754 points. All three of these chargers scored above the segment average of 740 points.

While there are more EV chargers than ever before, EV owners are still less satisfied with the overall charging experience. To improve the charging experience, EV owners should take advantage of programs that can help reduce the cost of charging their vehicles, as well as purchase chargers with higher satisfaction scores.

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