First Electric School Bus Trial Underway in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division Launches Electric Bus Pilot Project

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division is taking part in a pioneering Electric bus pilot project, in partnership with Western Canadian Bus Sales. The project, which will gather data on Electric buses’ performance in the province’s winter climate, is an exciting step forward in the adoption of Electric school buses in Saskatchewan.

The Electric bus, which has been modified to suit Saskatchewan’s road conditions, will be deployed to transport Red Wing School students north of Prince Albert. The charging station is located in the city, and the selected route will provide invaluable data without straining the battery. The project will give the school division first-hand experience in managing Electric buses, while providing Western Canadian Bus Sales with real-world data on the bus’s performance.

The findings of the pilot project will prove invaluable to organizations such as the Saskatchewan School Boards Association and Saskatchewan Teachers Federation. The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division, as both an urban and rural division, will be able to share essential knowledge on Electric school buses. This is the first time such a project has been attempted in Saskatchewan and the results will be eagerly awaited.

Most Electric vehicles are able to handle winter weather, although the range may be reduced. We recently heard the story of a man driving his Tesla Model Y to the Arctic Ocean as part of a documentary. We can only imagine the possibilities for Electric school buses in such a climate.

It’s an exciting time for Saskatchewan Rivers School Division and the entire province of Saskatchewan. The Electric bus pilot project will offer invaluable insights into the future of Electric school buses and the possibilities they offer.

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