Fisker claims Ocean SUV crushes competition in WLTP range test

Fisker recently announced that its upcoming Ocean Electric SUV will have a range of 440 miles (707 kilometers) according to the WLTP testing system, making it the longest-range Electric SUV currently sold in Europe. This range would enable drivers to travel from Paris to Frankfurt, London to Glasgow, or New York to Boston and back on a single charge.

The Ocean is available for configuration on the Fisker website and is expected to be delivered to European customers in April 2021, while U.S. customers can expect delivery in the near future. The Ocean SUV will be offered in several trim levels, with the entry-level Sport trim starting at $37,499.

The range offered by the Ocean SUV places it head and shoulders above the competition. For example, the Tesla Model Y has a max range of 330 miles (531 kilometers), while the Ford Mustang Mach-E has a max range of 312 miles (502 kilometers).

Fisker is hoping to capitalize on this unique range advantage and establish itself as a major player in the Electric vehicle market. However, the company will need to continue to innovate and stay ahead of the competition as other automakers like Tesla, Ford, Lucid, and Porsche are already hard at work on their own next-generation Electric SUVs.

Overall, the announcement of the Fisker Ocean’s long range is an exciting development in the Electric vehicle market and will no doubt be a major factor in the success of the Ocean SUV. Drivers looking for an Electric SUV that can handle long trips without the need to recharge will find the Ocean to be an attractive option.

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