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Getting paid to *not* charge your EV

FleetCarma and SmartCharge Nashville have partnered to offer program participants the opportunity to earn up to $20 per month to avoid charging their EV’s during peak periods. This pilot program, which runs from May 1st 2020 to September 30th 2020, incentivizes EV owners to shift their charging habits by offering to pay them for not charging during designated peak periods.

The program works with Nashville Electric Service (NES) and Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) to identify peak electricity demand periods, and then offer to pay EV owners enrolled in the program to NOT charge their EV’s during those times. FleetCarma provides the data collection and monitoring, and SmartCharge Nashville offers the incentive payments.

Participants in the program install a device plugged into the OBDII port of their EV. This device sends data back via cellular signal to FleetCarma, who operates commercial fleet tracking for their customers. There is no manual reporting or data submission required; the data is collected automatically, making it very easy for the program participant. In return for participating in the program, FleetCarma provides a lot of data about driving and charging habits, and pays $100 in total.

The incentive payments that participants receive for avoiding charging during peak periods are paid via PayPal at the end of the pilot. For example, if a participant is asked to not charge their EV between 5-8 pm on May 7th 2020, they will be paid $5 for complying. This money can be used to cover the electricity costs for their EV for the entire month.

The data collection program and the incentive payments are just two of the ways SmartCharge Nashville is using to encourage EV owners to shift their charging habits. To learn more about the program, visit their website. By taking part in the SmartCharge Nashville pilot program, EV owners can not only save money on their electricity bills, but also help reduce peak electricity demands in the Nashville area.

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