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Grand Canyon Road Trip – Day 10 – Page to Albuquerque – Standing on a corner in Winslow AZ, I duct taped my broken Tesla, what a sight to see.

We headed out first thing from Page, Arizona with the intention of making it to Amarillo, Texas in two days. Karen’s health was not in the best of shape, so I was keen to get us home as soon as possible. As we drove down US 89 from Page to Flagstaff, an SUV behind us started to flash their lights at us repeatedly. Thinking this was some sort of road rage, I ignored the flashing lights.

The trip to Flagstaff was beautiful and I was glad we chose a different route to take us home. After recharging at Flagstaff, we joined I-40 for the 1,500 mile trip back. Not long after getting up to speed, I started to hear a strange noise coming from the Car. I assumed it was the road surface and continued on. The noise only got worse, so we had to pull over. I saw an exit ramp ahead and pulled off. We had arrived in Winslow, Arizona, just like in the lyrics of the Eagles song “Take it Easy”.

I pulled over at a disused gas station to examine the Car and saw that the Aero Shield under the front of the vehicle had come loose and was catching the wind at speed, forcing the shield into the ground. I went to the gas station across the road and bought some duct tape and taped the shield up as best I could.

We rejoined I-40 and to my surprise, the duct tape stopped the Aero Shield from rubbing on the ground. We inched along at 60 miles an hour. We didn’t need to charge at Holbrook, but I wanted to inspect the duct tape job to see if it was ok to go faster or not. We stopped at the supercharger and when I looked at the repair job, it was clear that after just 35 miles of driving, the duct tape was not going to survive the journey home. It had already started to come loose. I added more duct tape until I had none left.

We drove carefully to Albuquerque and charged at the supercharger there. We also visited WalMart to get Karen some Mucinex to help with her cold. She slept most of the journey today. I looked up the address of the Service Center and found that it was 20 miles north of Albuquerque in a city called Bernalillo. We drove to Bernalillo and found a hotel to stay the night. The Service Center opened at 8am the next day, so I negotiated a late checkout with the hotel to give us time to repair the Car before heading out. We had until 2pm to check out the next day. Tomorrow promised to be an interesting day.

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