How 3 K-Pop Girl Idols Lost Weight in Just 3 Days

K-pop is one of the most popular genres of music in South Korea and the world. Many people are drawn to the upbeat, energetic music and its accompanying dance routines. While the music and dance are a large part of the K-pop industry, there is also a lot of emphasis on visuals and appearance. K-pop idols, especially female idols, are expected to maintain slim figures and toned bodies.

This pressure to look a certain way can be intense and can push some idols to extreme measures to achieve the desired look. Recently, three K-pop girl idols, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa of the popular girl group, Blackpink, revealed how they managed to lose weight in just three days.

The girls shared their weight-loss methods on the South Korean talk show “Radio Star”. They revealed that after being told by their manager that they needed to lose weight for an upcoming performance, they decided to try a three-day crash diet.

The diet consisted of eating a single meal a day, which consisted of a bowl of rice with vegetables and a bit of protein. Along with the meal, they drank lots of water and exercised for two hours a day.

The girls also revealed that the diet was not easy and that it was especially difficult for them to stay motivated. They said that to keep themselves motivated they had to constantly remind themselves why they were doing this – to look their best for their fans.

Overall, the girls managed to lose a significant amount of weight in just three days. They said that while it was a difficult experience, they were glad that they did it and were proud of the results.

The girls’ crash diet has sparked a lot of controversy in the K-pop community. While some believe that their diet was too extreme, others argue that if the girls are comfortable with their weight loss, then that is their choice.

No matter the opinion, it is important to remember that crash diets can be dangerous and should not be done without proper medical guidance. Additionally, it is important to find a healthy and sustainable way to reach your desired weight.

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