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New Tesla Cybertruck Details Suggest Price, Ventilated Seats, and Lack of Exoskeleton

Model 3: First Production to Customer Delivery – 92 days

Model S: First Production to Customer Delivery – 93 days

Model X: First Production to Customer Delivery – 83 days

Model Y: First Production to Customer Delivery – 98 days Based on this data, the earliest customers can expect delivery of their Cybertruck is late October. However, Tesla has been known to exceed expectations. If everything goes right, we could see the first customers receiving their orders as early as mid-September. A Closer Look at the Cybertruck With the first production unit rolling off the line, we\’re seeing a clearer picture of the Cybertruck. A few of the features that have been confirmed include a stainless-steel exoskeleton, triple motors, and a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. Even more exciting is the news that the Cybertruck\’s windows will be made of shatterproof glass. Musk also recently revealed a few of the color options, such as silver, black and red, although Tesla has been known to surprise us with additional options at the last minute. With the event drawing ever closer, the anticipation for the Cybertruck is reaching a fever pitch. Tesla\’s recently unveiled pickup truck has been the talk of the town for months, and the arrival of the first production unit only fuels the curiosity. As we inch closer to the big reveal, we can only wait with bated breath to see the Cybertruck in all its glory.

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