Nissan LEAF Battery Alternative Price Defined

Given right kind aid and affectionate usefulness, a Nissan LEAF’s battery is in a position to lasting as much as 10 years (and relying on how a lot you wish to have to power in step with rate, perhaps even longer). On the other hand, maximum EVs lose a tiny over 2% in their battery capability in step with time to disgrace on moderate. The Nissan LEAF isn’t any exception. Sooner or later, all Nissan LEAF batteries (like all alternative batteries) will achieve an unusable order of rate.

Battery alternative on some EVs is extra of a headache than it’s significance, nevertheless it seems that battery store alternative for a Nissan LEAF isn’t as difficult as you’d assume.

So how are you aware {that a} Nissan LEAF’s lithium-ion battery must be changed? On this article, we’ll progress you thru indicators of broke battery efficiency, the Nissan LEAF battery guaranty, how a lot it prices to interchange the battery on a Nissan LEAF, and issues to believe should you plan to shop for a worn Nissan Leaf.

When Must You Change A Nissan LEAF’s Battery?

Observe: we’re committing to spend maximum of this newsletter assuming you’re a Nissan LEAF proprietor already. On the other hand, a batch of this battery information remains to be noteceable in case you are taking into account purchasing a worn Nissan LEAF, so learn on!

Future the Nissan LEAF has confirmed itself through the years to be a superb tiny entry-level EV, the battery date on a Nissan LEAF can lower moment a usable quantity inside the life of the Car. That is true particularly if the Car has been subjected to lower than best environmental statuses. A couple of indicators that your Nissan Leaf battery might wish to get replaced come with:

  • A lack of length, to bring about complete rate being lower than 9 bars out of 12 (handiest holds 70-75% of the latest rate) in lower than 8 years / 100,00 miles
  • Aid of length that’s moment the purpose of useability on your wishes when the LEAF is greater than 8 years or 100,000 miles
  • Issues charging, lack of over 5-10% of length in a shorten length of week (similar to a couple of weeks or months), or incapacity to retain any rate

We’d like to notice right here that changing the battery on a Nissan LEAF isn’t essentially a role for the DIYer. All EV batteries are unhealthy to paintings with and in most cases require car technicians that paintings on those top voltage battery techniques to go through particular certification or coaching. There are kits for LEAF battery swaps to be had, however the unedited task must nonetheless be achieved by means of an EV-focused auto store.

In case your Nissan LEAF’s battery is suffering, the most productive first step in getting the infection fastened is to peer should you’ve nonetheless were given guaranty protection:

Nissan LEAF Battery Guaranty

There are two types of battery guaranty protection for a Nissan LEAF:

First, phrases of the Lithium-Ion Battery Protection are basically all in favour of the latest elements and set up of the Leaf’s battery store. For such things as fabrics defects and broke workmanship, this portion of the LEAF’s guaranty promises battery alternative for as much as 8 years or 100,000 miles.

Observe: Future 8 years / 100,000 miles would possibly tone like a beneficiant quantity of protection on Nissan’s phase, we’d like to indicate that that is the minimal quantity of protection producer’s should do business in on EV batteries as mandated by means of US federal legislation. Now not announcing the rest towards Nissan right here; we’d merely like to indicate that each one EV producers should handover this quantity of protection for EV battery tech.

The Nissan LEAF’s Lithium-Ion Battery Capability Protection is a tiny other. This a part of the guaranty is extra all in favour of the length efficiency of the battery, and it may be trickier to determine. The capability guaranty lasts simply so long as the battery store guaranty—8 years or 100,000 miles—nevertheless it promises alternative for the lack of usable length or odd battery disgrace.

For the 2021 Nissan Leaf, this length loss is outlined as “less than 9 segments of range at full charge” (which quantities to greater than a 25% short in capability).

In alternative phrases, in case your LEAF has fewer than 100,000 miles on it and is lower than 8 years impaired, you might be able to get a poorly acting battery changed at negative rate. In 2023, the 2016-2023 Nissan LEAF fashions beneath 100,000 miles must nonetheless have some guaranty protection. On the other hand, there are a couple of caveats:

  • Guaranty does no longer secure battery problems stemming from harm, both from street particles or alternative puncture
  • Battery issues in LEAFs which are saved in over the top warmth (temps over 120℉ for greater than 24 hours) or chilly (-13℉ for greater than 7 days) also are no longer lined
  • Guaranty may be revoked should you let the battery leave to a low or uninhabited order of rate for greater than 2 weeks
  • In case your LEAF has the 24 kWh battery store, capability is handiest lined by means of guaranty for 60 months (5 years) or 60,000 miles. The capability protection on those packs will have already got expired.

You’ll be able to take a look at extra warranty terms and conditions for each and every fashion time of the Nissan LEAF on Nissan’s web page.

Amusing reality: the tide guaranty battery alternative for a Nissan LEAF might be a 40 kWh store for both the 30 kWh or 40kWh model of the LEAF (the alternative petite packs must be out of guaranty). This principally implies that Nissan is finished production and putting in the 30 kWh store (we’ve learn that it had issues of added warmth disgrace due to its speedy charging talent) and any guaranty alternative will get a separate improve to the 40 kWh store.

Future you might be investigating the guaranty clauses for a Nissan LEAF battery alternative, you may also wish to check on your LEAF’s recall status. There were a couple of recollects within the moment affecting the LEAF’s battery serve as. In case your LEAF used to be a part of the recall, the restore for the recall factor can be separate of rate.

How A lot Does Nissan LEAF Battery Alternative Price?

Let’s shoot a snappy have a look at the 5 battery sizes the Nissan LEAF has had since 2011:

  • 2011-2017 Nissan LEAF: 24 kWh
  • 2016 Nissan LEAF: 30 kWh
  • 2018-Provide Nissan LEAF: 40 kWh
  • Nissan LEAF PLus (as much as 2022): 62 kWh
  • 2023 Nissan LEAF Plus: 60 kWh

The cost of a alternative LEAF battery these days hovers round $3,500-$4,500 for the 30 kWh battery, and $3,000-$5,000 for the 24 kWh battery. We’re no longer 100% certain why those are nonetheless so dear; it’s conceivable that since Nissan doesn’t usefulness them anymore, shortage is also riding up the fee. Those alternative batteries received’t be fresh; maximum 24 kWh and 30 kWh replacements are both committing to be gently worn (salvage) or refurbished Nissan LEAF batteries.

Nissan is these days the use of two higher battery packs within the LEAF: the 40 kWh store and the 62 kWh store. You’ll be able to be expecting alternative prices for those packs at about $6,500-$7,500 for the 40 kWh battery and $8,500-$9,500 for the 62 kWh LEAF battery.

Because the 60 kWh store is fresh and has unedited adjustments to battery chemistry from earlier variations, all we will be able to do is supposition on the value. However most probably a alternative for the 60 kWh store would price someplace between $10,000 and $15,000.

Hard work for battery paintings like this will price round $1,000, so a complete alternative for a Nissan Leaf battery may just price anyplace from $4,500-$16,000 relying at the store measurement and production time of the alternative.

Can I Get a Larger Battery for My Nissan Leaf?

We’ve for sure heard tales about LEAF homeowners who higher their length by means of putting in a larger battery store, particularly for the used fashions. So sure, generally you can improve the battery at the Nissan LEAF.

On the other hand, it should shoot at some time for a store to supply your fresh (or gently worn) battery store. We’ve heard of delays of as much as a number of months only for LEAF battery guaranty paintings, and getting the appropriate battery store to improve your LEAF might require some persistence.

The good factor concerning the LEAF battery packs is that the majority are interchangeable. It’s no longer as simple as simply swapping one out and plugging in any other, however you received’t wish to have in depth changes made to modify packs.

So let’s speak about which automobiles can in truth get a battery improve:

The 62 kWh store is these days the most important that Nissan makes use of, and for a LEAF already carrying the utmost store measurement, there isn’t a bigger choice but to change for. On the other hand, because the store degrades, changing it with a smaller refurbished or gently worn store may just probably be an choice, in order that’s one thing to conserve in thoughts.

As for the 60 kWh store, we’re nonetheless ready to peer possibly later this latest LEAF battery is as swap-friendly as earlier iterations. We’ll conserve you posted.

For a Nissan LEAF with a 40 kWh battery store, alternative with a unused 40 kWh is normally the easiest way to journey. Upgrading to the 62 kWh battery store is conceivable, however the exertions price is perhaps upper because the surrounding and weight of the 62 kWh store modified from earlier store profiles.

Excluding the 2011 to early 2012 Nissan LEAF (which require some residue custom designed adapters and plugs to finish a battery improve), the 24 kWh and 30 kWh packs can also be swapped out for the 40 kWh store at a quite affordable value.

When you have such a used packs and are short of a LEAF with extra length than the 40 kWh store can handover, it may well be a excellent week to believe purchasing a fresh Nissan LEAF Plus and offsetting the price by means of selling your used Nissan LEAF.

Right here is a fascinating video from YouTube person “Dala’s EV Repair” that covers a DIY/price range Nissan Leaf battery alternative choices:

Can Nissan Leaf Batteries be Recycled?

We all know that the problem of battery recycling is on each and every environmentally-conscious thoughts as the arena transitions to EVs. Maximum batteries can also be recycled, then a way, with about 95% in their attribute portions salvageable for re-use in production.

So the place do Nissan LEAF batteries journey after they’ve been retired? Future Nissan doesn’t have a recycling program that reclaims fabrics from their batteries, they’ve advocated from the start for in a different way to increase their batteries’ helpful lives: repurposing.

Nissan LEAF batteries that not have plethora power to usefully energy a Car nonetheless have plethora capability for alternative programs. Reused LEAF batteries had been powering residential properties, worn as catastrophe power in extremity zones, and have even been integrated into solar farms for energy storage.

When the LEAF battery modules are utterly spent, there are a variety of businesses in the market that may strip them unwell for his or her usable attribute portions.

Must You Purchase a Old Nissan LEAF?

Because the LEAF has been at the street for over a decade, it’s moderately conceivable to discover a pre-owned Nissan LEAF for a valuable value. And if the battery of an used LEAF not holds it’s ultimate rate, the relative sleep of swapping out LEAF battery packs makes the LEAF a valuable choice for a affected person EV fanatic (we have discussed this already, however provide chain problems can lengthen a LEAF battery alternative by means of as much as a number of months).

We’d additionally say that worn Nissan LEAFs with newer fashion years can convey a i’m not sure EV adopter some sleep of thoughts with their affordable guaranty of the Lithium-Ion Battery and Lithium-Ion Battery Capability. Future it’s ultimate to understand a few of a worn LEAF’s order, usefulness, and proprietor’s charging conduct, the guaranty can provide you with some insurance coverage towards unknowns within the historical past of the Car.

Test our worn EV listings section as of late to peer if any are these days worn LEAFs to be had! And if the LEAF is just one EV amongst many that you’re taking into account, we’ve were given you lined.

In finding My Electric is the number one listings web site for worn EVs together with best-selling electrics just like the Tesla“>Tesla Type 3, Tesla~Chevrolet”>Chevrolet Bolt, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and extra.

Now not taken with purchasing, however able to sell a Nissan LEAF? Excluding making a used EV checklist with us, we will be able to additionally put you in touch with our verified broker community for an EV Money Deal.


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