Polestar 4 enters production, first deliveries expected by end of 2023

Polestar 4 enters production, first deliveries expected by end of 2023

The production of the highly anticipated Polestar 4 SUV has officially begun at the Hangzhou Bay factory in China. This marks a significant milestone for Polestar as it is the first vehicle to be produced at this factory, which is operated by Geely Holding. The first deliveries of the Polestar 4 to customers in China are expected before the end of 2023, with the official launch in other markets planned for early 2024.

One of the standout features of the Polestar 4 is its unique design and performance. It is a remarkable SUV coupé that combines style and power. The vehicle also boasts a virtual rear window with a world-class digital rear-view mirror, adding to its innovative features. Additionally, the Polestar 4 is expected to have the lowest carbon footprint of any Polestar Car at launch, thanks to the Hangzhou Bay factory’s strong green credentials.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, expressed his excitement for the Polestar 4 and its production. He highlighted the hard work of the team and partners in bringing this vehicle to life. Ingenlath also mentioned the value of Polestar’s diversified and asset-light approach, utilizing the expertise of their partner and major shareholder, Geely Holding, in development and manufacturing.

The Polestar 4 made its debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show in April, and it has garnered significant attention since then. As an SUV, the demand for the vehicle is expected to be strong. To meet this demand, Polestar plans to add additional manufacturing in Busan, South Korea, starting in the second half of 2025. These vehicles will be delivered to the local South Korean market and exported to North America.

Overall, the production of the Polestar 4 is a significant step forward for the brand. With its unique design, performance, and focus on sustainability, the Polestar 4 is set to make a mark in the Electric vehicle market. Customers can look forward to receiving their vehicles before the end of 2023, and the global launch in early 2024 will bring this exciting SUV to markets around the world. Polestar’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in the Polestar 4, making it a highly anticipated addition to the Electric vehicle landscape.

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