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NASA unveils Axiom spacesuit prototype for moonwalks after SpaceX Star

NASA is working to make history by returning humans to the Moon for the first time in 50 years. On March 15th, the agency unveiled a prototype of the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU) spacesuit that astronauts will wear when they walk on the lunar surface as part of the Artemis III mission.

The AxEMU spacesuit is being developed by Axiom Space in collaboration with NASA engineers, and it is designed to provide astronauts with vital life support, mobility, and protection. The suit is white in color in order to reflect heat and protect astronauts from extreme temperatures. To display the suit at the Space Center Houston’s Moon 2 Mars Festival, the designers used a custom cover layer featuring the Axiom Space logo and brand colors.

Axiom Space is currently in the process of manufacturing a fleet of training spacesuits for the astronauts. According to Mark Greeley, Axiom Space’s Extravehicular Activity (EVA) program manager, “Our expert team is ready to provide NASA the next-generation spacesuit.”

The Artemis III mission will be a major milestone in the space exploration program. A crew of four astronauts will launch on NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, and they will travel to lunar orbit aboard the Orion spacecraft. Two of the astronauts will then transfer to SpaceX’s Starship Human Landing System (HLS) and proceed to land on the Lunar South Pole.

The two astronauts who will walk on the Moon will be wearing the AxEMU spacesuits. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said of the partnership with Axiom Space, “Building on NASA’s years of research and expertise, Axiom’s next generation spacesuits will not only enable the first woman to walk on the Moon, but they will also open opportunities for more people to explore and conduct science on the Moon than ever before.”

The Artemis program aims to build a permanent lunar base and to make space exploration more accessible than ever before. With the development of the AxEMU spacesuits, it is clear that Axiom Space is playing an integral role in achieving these goals. Michael T. Suffredini, Axiom Space’s president and CEO, said, “We’re carrying on NASA’s legacy by designing an advanced spacesuit that will allow astronauts to operate safely and effectively on the Moon.”

The unveiling of the AxEMU spacesuit is an exciting development in the space exploration program, and it is only the beginning. The Artemis III mission is scheduled to launch in 2025, and it will be the first step towards achieving the goals of the Artemis program. With Axiom Space’s help, humanity is ready to take a giant leap towards the stars.

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