Starlink shows insanely impressive in-flight speeds in real-world test

SpaceX’s Starlink is revolutionizing in-flight internet. With speeds that are unmatched by any other service, Starlink promises to make the in-flight experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Starlink is an ambitious project from SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace and space exploration company. The project has been in the works for some time, with tests of the service beginning in 2020. Recently, however, SpaceX launched the Starlink satellite internet service to the public.

SpaceX’s Starlink in-flight internet is unlike anything else available on the market. It has been tested in real-world scenarios and the results are astounding.

The recent test of Starlink’s in-flight internet was conducted by travel reporter and blogger Zach Griff of The Points Guy. He tested the service on five Apple devices, including a 14-inch MacBook Pro, a 13.6-inch Macbook Air, an iPhone 14 Pro Max, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and an 11-inch iPad Pro.

The test results show download speeds over 100 Mbps, and upload speeds hovering between 5-20 Mbps. Even more remarkable is the ping, which clocked in at 28 and 150 ms during the four tests. This means that streaming videos and joining Zoom meetings during the flight was seamless.

Starlink’s in-flight internet speeds are comparable to the speeds of services like Verizon Fios, making it a viable option for those who want to stay connected even while in the air.

The success of Starlink has been remarkable. It has been expanded to numerous countries, including those in Southeast Asia and Australia. In the UK, it recently launched a rental option for customers which should make the satellite internet service more attainable.

It’s clear that Starlink is a game-changer in the world of in-flight internet. Its high speeds, low latency, and affordable options make it a must-have for those who frequently fly. With the success of this project, it’s likely that Starlink will become the go-to source of in-flight internet in the near future.

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