Tesla bear Charlie Munger’s bet on BYD

The Tesla vs. BYD debate has been a hot topic on Wall Street for the past several months, as both companies compete for dominance in the world’s largest auto market. While Tesla bulls remain optimistic about the Chinese market, some bears are placing their bets on BYD as the future leader of the country’s auto industry.

Berkshire Hathaway chairman Charlie Munger recently weighed in on the Tesla vs. BYD debate during a virtual meeting, stating that BYD is far ahead of Tesla in the Chinese auto market. It’s a sentiment that has been echoed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently aired some respect for the country’s automakers.

BYD is backed by Berkshire Hathaway, and offers a range of affordable gas and Electric options. However, it doesn’t quite have the same luster as a brand that Tesla has, being that the U.S. EV brand is considered on the cutting edge of cars from a consumer standpoint. Additionally, BYD’s initial Electric cars look quite similar to Tesla’s vehicles, with many comparisons being made between the Seal Sedan and Model 3, from aesthetics to specs.

Tesla still sells fewer vehicles each quarter than BYD, but its profit margins significantly outpace those of BYD. Tesla is continuing to expand its factories beyond the U.S., China and Germany, with recent reports pointing to the automaker’s coming plant in Mexico. BYD, on the other hand, has been slow to expand and there is no specific date set for its entry into the U.S. market.

The Tesla vs. BYD debate is far from settled, as both automakers continue to compete in the Chinese auto market. It is likely that both companies will continue to grow and evolve, and it is impossible to predict with any certainty which one will become the leader of the world’s largest auto market. It is important to take Munger’s opinion with a grain of salt, as it is difficult to know if BYD’s current lead will last. Regardless, the Tesla vs. BYD debate is sure to remain a hot topic on Wall Street for the foreseeable future.

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