Tesla China Opens Superchargers for SAIC General Motors

Tesla China Opens Superchargers for SAIC General Motors

On November 10, 2023, Tesla China announced its collaboration with SAIC General Motors (SAIC-GM) to open select Superchargers in China for SAIC-GM Electric vehicles. This marks Tesla‘s first partnership with a local manufacturer in China. The goal of the collaboration is to create efficient and convenient sharing services by combining charging networks.

Under the agreement, owners of fully Electric Cadillac and Buick models based on GM’s Ultium platform in China will have access to Tesla Superchargers and Destination Chargers starting in late 2023. They will be able to use Tesla‘s apps to locate and pay for charging at these stations. Tesla has already opened its charging network to select non-Tesla Electric vehicles in China, with 10 Supercharger sites and over 200 Destination Chargers currently available.

SAIC-GM has also been expanding its own charging network, with 52 charging stations offering a total of 246 charging stalls under its own brand. In addition to the collaboration with Tesla China, SAIC-GM is working with six other major Charger operators to provide 500,000 Charger stalls in over 320 cities nationwide.

This collaboration between Tesla China and SAIC-GM further solidifies Tesla‘s commitment to opening up its Supercharger network to Electric vehicles from other manufacturers. Similar agreements have already been made in Europe and the United States, with most Electric vehicle manufacturers equipping their EVs with North American Charging Standard (NACS) ports to utilize Tesla‘s charging infrastructure.

In other Tesla news, recent Model X owners have reported an issue with the auto-presenting doors. Since the removal of ultrasonic sensors in newer Model X vehicles, the front doors now only open partially instead of fully. This diminishes the convenience of the feature, as owners still need to manually open the door the rest of the way. Tesla has acknowledged the issue and is working on a software update to address it, along with improving the vision system for more accurate distance measurements.

Furthermore, leaks of Tesla‘s Cybertruck continue to surface ahead of its delivery event scheduled for the end of the month. The latest leaks reveal the truck’s dimensions and weight, positioning it between mid and full-size pickups. Despite its smaller size, the Cybertruck boasts a heavy-duty build with a curb weight of around 6,670-6,890 pounds. It also offers a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds and substantial cargo space in its six-foot bed.

Overall, these developments highlight Tesla‘s ongoing efforts to expand its charging network and improve its vehicle features, making Electric vehicles more accessible and convenient for owners.

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