Tesla fan creating “CyberRoadster” using Model 3 Performance parts

Tesla is known for making some of the most innovative Electric vehicles on the market and the latest DIY project by Tesla enthusiast David Andreyev is a testament to that. Andreyev, who goes by the username @Cyber_Hooligan_ on Twitter, is in the process of creating a two-seater CyberRoadster, a vehicle that is a combination of a supercar and the Cybertruck.

The CyberRoadster is being built using parts from a salvaged Model 3 Performance, along with other parts from other Tesla vehicles. The project Car’s front bumper is from a new Model S and its rear bumper will also be from a new Model S. Andreyev’s journey in creating the CyberRoadster is being documented in detail on his YouTube channel, with the latest video showing the progress of the build.

The CyberRoadster is a unique project, one that is a labor of love from the Tesla owner. Andreyev’s dedication to the project is certainly admirable, and it will be exciting to see what the final results will be. It’s also a great example of how Tesla owners can take their love for Electric vehicles to the next level and create something truly special.

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