Tesla Cybertruck wheel cover flies off in traffic as production looms

Tesla Cybertruck wheel cover flies off in traffic as production looms

Tesla‘s highly anticipated Cybertruck is set to enter production soon, but a recent incident caught on video has raised concerns about the vehicle’s aerodynamic wheel covers. In the video, a test vehicle’s wheel cover comes off in traffic, striking another vehicle and flying into the sky. This incident highlights the potential dangers of removable wheel covers.

Aerodynamic wheel covers are an important feature for increasing the efficiency of vehicles. They reduce air resistance and can improve efficiency by 5-10%. For Electric vehicles like the Cybertruck, increased efficiency means less battery usage, making the Car more cost-effective and lighter. Unlike gas vehicles, Electric vehicles do not require as much airflow for brake cooling due to regenerative braking, making aerodynamic wheel covers a sensible addition.

The removable nature of the wheel covers on the Cybertruck is concerning. The incident captured on video shows that the covers can become detached and pose a risk to other vehicles and pedestrians. While the plastic covers are relatively lightweight, they can still cause damage and lead to unpredictable reactions from drivers.

It is unclear what caused the wheel cover to detach in this particular case, but it may be due to a loose connection or a design flaw. The fact that this incident occurred during testing, with limited mileage on the Cybertruck, suggests that there may be a recurring issue as more vehicles hit the road.

Tesla has not reported any significant incidents of wheel covers detaching on its other vehicles. However, the design of the Cybertruck’s wheel covers is slightly different, with a projection from the wheel and a sealed cover. This design may contribute to the detachment issue.

It is crucial for Tesla to address this problem promptly, as production is nearing completion. The company’s engineers must identify and rectify any flaws in the design to ensure the safety and efficiency of the Cybertruck.

Aside from the safety concerns, aerodynamic wheel covers offer numerous benefits. They not only improve the vehicle’s performance but also have the potential to reduce energy consumption on a larger scale. If all vehicles were equipped with aerodynamic wheel covers, total energy use in the US could potentially be reduced by 1%.

In conclusion, while the incident involving the Cybertruck’s wheel cover is not exceptional, it raises concerns about the vehicle’s safety and design. Tesla must address this issue before the vehicle enters production to ensure the reliability of its aerodynamic wheel covers. Additionally, the benefits of such covers should not be overlooked, as they have the potential to reduce energy consumption and improve the overall efficiency of vehicles.

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