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Tesla Is Bringing Back Park Assist for Vehicles Without Ultrasonic Sen

Tesla is a leading Electric vehicle manufacturer that is constantly striving to make its vehicles more efficient, safer, and easier to use. With the introduction of Park Assist, Tesla has taken a step further in simplifying the parking experience for its customers.

Park Assist is Tesla’s vision-based solution that uses cameras to detect objects around the vehicle. It was first introduced in the fall of 2022, when Tesla stopped using ultrasonic sensors (USS) in its vehicles, and moved to a camera-based Autopilot system. The camera-based Autopilot system was first implemented in Model 3 and Y, and later for Model S and X.

However, the software for measuring distances to nearby objects was not completed in time for the launch of the Vision-based occupancy network. Now, Tesla has finally activated Tesla Vision Park Assist with the release of update 2022.45.11. According to an observation by @greentheonly/Twitter, this update has significant improvements over the previous USS.

Before, the information about nearby objects was provided only from the front and rear of the vehicle. Now, thanks to the new Park Assist, the vehicle can detect objects 360° around the Car. This is a huge improvement as it can help the driver to safely park the Car with ease.

At the moment, the update only applies to vehicles that do not have USS installed. The new 2022.45.11 update, which also includes FSD Beta v11.3.2, is being rolled out slowly, probably for safety reasons, in order to control its proper operation as much as possible.

Tesla Park Assist is a great addition to the Autopilot system and will make driving and parking much simpler and safer. It is a great example of how Tesla is pushing the boundaries of innovation and making the lives of its customers easier.

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