Tesla Launches its Fresh Referral Program in Australia

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Again in September 2021, Tesla-ends-referral-program-for-free-supercharging-until-further-notice/”>Tesla ended its prevailing referral program “until further notice”, however later Tesla-referral-program-in-china-for-free-merch-supercharging-and-more-video/”>relaunched a fresh program in China in October 2022, later Tesla-launches-referral-program-for-free-supercharging-merchandise-in-u-s/”>increasing the utmost to the U.S. one pace after.

Now, the new referral program has introduced in Australia, in step with Tesla-referrals-are-back-and-Tesla-credits-let-you-buy-software-updates-apparel-accessories-and-more/”>techAU.

The fresh program, rather of simply providing loose Supercharging credit like sooner than, now do business in credit to each events, that may be old to redeem for loose Supercharging, item and equipment.

“Our goal is to help Tesla owners share their passion for Tesla’s products and our mission — to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. As an owner, every time you bring a new friend or family member into the Tesla community, you and your friend both earn credits — you earn Referral Credits and your friend earns Buyer Credits. You also earn Loyalty Credits when you purchase additional qualifying Tesla products, as a thank you for being a loyal Tesla owner,” explains Tesla.

You’ll be able to earn 2,000 credits for both parties with the acquisition of a Fashion 3 or Fashion Y. A Fashion S or Fashion X acquire grants 3,500 credit, in step with screenshots shared via Fredrik Hedberg.

Buying Tesla Sun Roof and Panels can earn 9,000 credit every.

Tesla says credit expire three hundred and sixty five days and Supercharging miles expire 6 months “from their respective Grant Dates.” Tesla house owners can proportion their referral program hyperlink via having access to the Loot Field within the Tesla app.

You can click here to support Tesla North while you purchase your next Tesla car or Sun product.

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