Tesla Model Y Became Germany’s 2nd Best-Selling Car in February

Tesla Model Y is one of the most popular Electric vehicles on the market, and it has been gaining even more traction in Germany. In February, the Tesla Model Y was the second best-selling Car in Germany, making it the first time an all-Electric Car has reached such high levels of success in the country. This monumental achievement is due to the rapid expansion of Tesla’s production facilities, particularly Giga Berlin, which is located in Germany and has enabled Tesla to quickly deliver their vehicles to local customers.

Tesla has been making waves in Germany since the Model Y was released in 2020. This Electric SUV has been gaining more and more popularity in Germany due to its affordability and performance. In the first month of 2021, Tesla sold 3,708 Model Ys in Germany, an impressive feat considering the country’s traditional preference for internal combustion engine vehicles.

The success of the Tesla Model Y in Germany is due in part to the production facility located in the country. Giga Berlin, as it is known, has been able to quickly manufacture and deliver Model Ys to German customers, something that was not possible when the vehicles had to be produced in Giga Shanghai, which is located in China. This had the effect of increasing sales in the third month of each quarter, as the vehicles had to be shipped from China.

However, with Giga Berlin now open and operational, Tesla has been able to quickly deliver their vehicles to local customers. This has led to a surge in sales in the second month of each quarter as customers no longer have to wait for the cars to be shipped from China. In February, Tesla registered 6,442 Model Ys, coming in second only to the VW Golf, which sold 7,655 units.

The success of the Tesla Model Y in Germany is a testament to the company’s ability to quickly ramp up production and deliver their vehicles to customers. With Giga Berlin now operational and Giga Texas set to open soon, Tesla is on track to become the world’s top-selling Car by 2023. This impressive achievement would further cement Tesla’s position as a leader in the Electric vehicle market and would continue to drive the company towards its goal of a more sustainable future.

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