Tesla said to be mulling U.S. battery plant with supplier CATL

Tesla is reportedly considering the possibility of a U.S.-based battery production plant with Chinese supplier CATL. The automaker is said to be in talks with the White House to gain clarification on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) rules, which could qualify certain Electric vehicles for a $7,500 tax credit.

Ford announced a similar deal with CATL last month, with the aim of building a battery manufacturing plant in the United States. Tesla is said to be considering Texas as the potential location for the new facility, as the automaker already has a major presence in the state.

The news follows Tesla’s announcement in October 2020 that the company was looking to establish a new battery production plant in Mexico. This facility could be well-suited to supply Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas plant, which is expected to ramp up production in the coming years.

Tesla’s battery production plans come as the company is set to expand its presence in the United States, with several new factories and service centers in the works. The automaker is also increasing its investment in research and development with the upcoming Gigafactory Texas and its all-new Battery Day event.

Tesla’s potential CATL partnership could provide the automaker with a battery production plant in the United States and could also qualify certain vehicles for the IRA tax credits. This could prove to be a major boost for Tesla’s operations in the country and could help the company meet the increasing demand for its vehicles.

It is unclear when or if Tesla’s potential CATL partnership will come to fruition, but the automaker could benefit greatly from the deal. If successful, the partnership could provide Tesla with a new battery production facility in the United States and could help the company expand its presence in the country.

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