Tesla NACS: EnviroSpark and Enel X Way Come on Board

Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has been gaining traction in the EV industry, with more and more automakers and Charger manufacturers integrating the technology. Atlanta-based Envirospark Energy Solutions, Inc. and Enel X Way have recently announced their plans to incorporate the NACS connector into their charging networks.

Envirospark has installed and maintained thousands of NACS connectors for its partners since its inception in 2014. With the increasing commitment to this technology from automakers, the company is keen to incorporate the standard into its dedicated Envirospark Network projects.

Enel X Way is also introducing the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors as an option for its Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations. Despite adding NACS connectors to its offering, the company has confirmed that it will still provide top-tier charging products for Combined Charging System (CCS) and J1772 ports. This move is in line with its commitment to accommodate a diverse range of EVs and enhance compatibility.

The new NACS connector option will be made available across the company’s product range, including its renowned product, the JuiceBox, and its DC fast chargers. The company is also expected to roll out kits for retrofitting some of its existing DC charging station models already in service, offering further flexibility for its customers.

The adoption of the NACS standard is a major step forward for the EV industry. It will provide EV drivers with greater convenience and flexibility, as well as increased compatibility between different EVs. With more automakers and Charger manufacturers embracing the technology, it is clear that NACS is set to become the industry standard.

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