Tesla rolls out new navigation feature in smartphone app for smoother travel

Tesla recently made improvements to its smartphone app to make navigation smoother for Electric vehicle drivers. The new feature on the app shows the route from Point A to Point B in addition to the vehicle’s location and destination. This was a highly requested feature from owners and Tesla responded.

The app also has a “Drive on Sunshine” feature that allows owners to use excess energy generated by a solar system to charge their Electric vehicle, making traveling as sustainable as possible. Tesla also recently rolled out “Waypoints,” which is referred to as “Add Stop” in the app. This allows owners to plot multiple destinations in a single trip for road trips.

Tesla’s in-Car navigation is very useful for EV drivers, as it not only tracks and plans a route like any other GPS system, but it plans out a trip and forecasts time spent at Superchargers. The app also gives drivers metrics like ETA and the battery charge when the Car arrives at its final stop.

Tesla’s app is updated often and is consistently improving to help make life easier for EV drivers. Improvements like the new route planning feature and “Drive on Sunshine” are just a few of the many features that Tesla has added to their app.

Tesla’s app is a great resource for EV drivers and it’s clear that the automaker is constantly making changes to make the driving experience more enjoyable. With more improvements to come, Electric vehicle drivers can look forward to more efficient and sustainable travels.

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