Tesla plans to build its $25,000 electric car at Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla plans to build its $25,000 electric car at Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla has confirmed that its upcoming $25,000 Electric Car will be built at Gigafactory Berlin, according to recent reports. This announcement is significant because it is a rare new model to be confirmed for the factory, which currently only produces the Model Y.

At Tesla‘s 2023 Investor Day in March, CEO Elon Musk unveiled a new Car manufacturing system called the “Unboxed Process.” Musk claimed that this process would be faster, more efficient, and enable the production of cheaper Electric vehicles. The general idea behind the Unboxed Process is that Tesla wants to work on separate sections of the vehicle individually and only bring the Car together at a new “more final” assembly. This differs from the traditional Car manufacturing model where the entire vehicle body is moved down a line all the way to the final assembly.

Using this next-generation platform, Tesla plans to launch two new vehicles: a cheaper, smaller Electric Car and a robotaxi designed specifically for a self-driving taxi service. Initially, Tesla announced plans to build these vehicles at Gigafactory Mexico, but due to delays, the company will first produce them at Gigafactory Texas. Now, Tesla is expanding the production of the next-generation vehicles to include Gigafactory Berlin.

Elon Musk recently visited Gigafactory Berlin and reportedly announced during a meeting with factory workers that the plant will build the new cheaper Tesla vehicle. This announcement comes at a time when there is a unionization push at the factory. IG Metal, a powerful union in the German auto industry, has been making moves to unionize Giga Berlin’s workers. Tesla has increased wages at the plant, although the company claims it has nothing to do with the unionization effort. The announcement of the new vehicle being built at the plant could also help create job security for the workers.

Currently, Tesla only produces the Model Y at Gigafactory Berlin and had not yet announced a new vehicle program to be built at the plant. The addition of the $25,000 Electric Car to the production lineup will bring more diversity and opportunities for growth at the factory.

In conclusion, Tesla‘s decision to build its upcoming $25,000 Electric Car at Gigafactory Berlin is a significant development. It not only expands the production capabilities of the factory but also provides job security for the workers. This new model, along with the innovative Unboxed Process, demonstrates Tesla‘s commitment to producing more affordable Electric vehicles and advancing the Electric Car industry as a whole.

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