Tesla poaches battery expert to fix its dry electrode issue

Tesla poaches battery expert to fix its dry electrode issue

Tesla‘s 4680 battery cell is a major step forward in the development of Electric vehicles. The cell offers a number of advantages over existing batteries, including longer range, higher power output, and lower costs. It also includes a dry electrode coating technology that Tesla acquired from Maxwell. This technology is seen as one of the key components for the success of the 4680 cell, but it has been identified as a major bottleneck in the production ramp. To address this issue, Tesla has poached a battery manufacturing expert, Matt Tyler, to lead its dry electrode development. Tyler is a mechanical engineer with over a decade of experience in the battery industry. He has been with Cambridge-based 24M, a battery manufacturer that specializes in semi-solid electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. Through his expertise, Tyler will be responsible for carrying the dry electrode project to the finish line and helping Tesla to achieve its ambitious mass production plans. With the help of Tyler, Tesla is one step closer to achieving its goal of producing hundreds of gigawatt-hours of its own battery cells.

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