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Tesla Pro Tip: Avoid Garage Lockouts with HomeLink

The HomeLink feature is a great addition to any Tesla model, as it allows users to avoid garage lockouts and easily get into their home when needed. HomeLink also allows homeowners to remotely open their garage door, letting in friends, family, and deliveries when they’re not home. With HomeLink, Tesla owners can rest assured that they won’t ever be locked out of their homes again.

To use HomeLink, users can open the Tesla App, go to Controls, and then click on HomeLink. This will cause their garage door to open, allowing them to get into their home from the garage side. HomeLink can also be used to let someone else enter the garage when the user isn’t home, making it great for deliveries and visitors when you’re not around.

Tesla owners can also access even more HomeLink tips from the EVSpeedy website. Here, users can find helpful tips on how to use HomeLink, as well as tips on how to keep their vehicles in top condition. From learning how to open the garage door remotely to finding out how to use HomeLink to let someone else into the garage, EVSpeedy has it all.

Overall, HomeLink is a great tool for Tesla owners, allowing them to avoid garage lockouts and letting people into the garage when they’re not home. HomeLink is easy to set up and use, and it can save Tesla owners a lot of time and effort. For more information on HomeLink, check out EVSpeedy’s website for helpful tips and tricks.

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