Tesla releases new mobile app with better insight into your battery pack

Tesla releases new mobile app with better insight into your battery pack

Tesla‘s mobile app is the key to unlocking the full potential of a Tesla vehicle. With the release of the latest update, Tesla owners can now access better insights into their vehicle’s battery pack. The update also includes an improved charging tab which displays the portion of the battery that is unavailable due to cold temperatures, as well as tick marks which are always visible. Additionally, Tesla owners can now manage their charging membership within the app, and the company is introducing a new feature called ‘Drive on Sunshine’ to help homeowners with rooftop solar charge their Tesla vehicles with excess solar power.

The app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. It is a great way to stay connected to your Tesla vehicle and take advantage of the latest features and updates. With its intuitive design, the app makes managing your Tesla vehicle easy and convenient.

The app also now includes access to Tesla‘s online services like Tesla Energy and Tesla Mobile. With Tesla Energy, owners can manage their home energy production and usage, and with Tesla Mobile, owners can monitor their vehicle’s performance, track its location, and keep tabs on its charging status.

The update also includes some minor bug fixes, as well as an improved user experience. With this update, Tesla has taken their mobile app to the next level, and owners can now get the most out of their Tesla vehicle.

Tesla‘s mobile app is an essential tool for any Tesla owner. With its intuitive design, easy to use interface, and improved performance, the app is sure to make managing your Tesla vehicle a breeze. Whether you’re looking for better insights into your vehicle’s battery pack, want to manage your charging membership, or want to stay connected to your Tesla vehicle, the mobile app is the perfect way to stay in touch.

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