Tesla Now Resets Forward Collision Warning to Medium After Each Drive in 2023.6

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) is a new feature introduced in the 2023.6 software update rollout for Tesla vehicles. This system helps drivers to avoid potential collisions by providing visual, audible, and haptic feedback warnings when a potential collision is detected. The system is designed to monitor an area of up to 525 feet (160 meters) in the driving path and can be adjusted to provide late or early warnings.

By default, the Forward Collision Warning system is turned on, and the sensitivity is set to the default ‘Medium’ setting. This setting can be manually adjusted to either ‘Early’ or ‘Late’ warnings, or turned off completely. When the risk of a collision is reduced, such as when the vehicle has decelerated or stopped, or when an object in front of the vehicle has moved out of the driving path, the warnings are canceled automatically.

In addition, the Automatic Emergency Braking system (if enabled) may automatically apply the brakes to avoid an imminent collision if the driver does not take immediate action after receiving a warning. The system operates when driving between approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) and 90 mph (150 km/h) and does not provide a warning when the driver is already applying the brakes.

It is important to be aware that the camera(s) and sensors associated with Forward Collision Warning are affected by road and weather conditions and may issue warnings in situations where the risk of a collision does not exist. Drivers must stay alert and pay attention to their surroundings and take immediate corrective action upon receiving a warning.

The new resetting of the FCW sensitivity to the default Medium setting at the start of each drive is an important safety feature that helps drivers to avoid potential collisions. Drivers must be aware of how to adjust the sensitivity settings and take responsibility for their own safety on the roads.

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