Tesla applies to expand Gigafactory Berlin to 1 million vehicles per year

Tesla is rumored to be planning a US LFP battery cell factory with CATL

Tesla‘s potential plans to build a battery factory to produce LFP cells in the US with China’s CATL could prove to be a major boon for the company and for Electric vehicle buyers. By bringing LFP battery production to North America, it could help Tesla to overcome nickel and cobalt supply concerns, as well as provide buyers with the full $7,500 federal tax credit for Electric vehicles. It could also enable Tesla buyers to get the full tax credit on the base Model 3, which is about to lose the incentive because its cells currently come from CATL’s Chinese factories. Although the plans are still in the rumor stage, the potential benefits make it worth keeping an eye on, as it could be a major step forward in the development of Electric vehicles.

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