Comparing the Differences in Quality and Hardware

Comparing the Differences in Quality and Hardware

September 2, 2023 – A Day of Exciting Tesla Updates

By Kevin Armstrong

Tesla enthusiasts and owners had a lot to celebrate on September 2, 2023, as the company unveiled several exciting updates. From improved camera technology to price reductions and a refreshed Model 3, Tesla continues to push boundaries and impress its fanbase.

One of the most notable updates was the comparison between Tesla‘s Hardware 3 (HW3) and the latest Hardware 4 (HW4) cameras. Videos and images showcased a radical transformation in video quality, with the HW4 cameras displaying sharper visuals and a substantial leap in resolution. The improved clarity allows for easier reading of license plates and road signs, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Another exciting revelation was the fish-eye effect in the rear camera of HW4. The wider field of view provided by HW4 enhances peripheral vision, contributing to a safer driving experience. Additionally, the updated cameras showcased improved night-time footage quality, exposure control, and more accurate color representation, promising a more realistic and vibrant visual experience for Tesla owners.

These camera updates are expected to have significant implications for Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities. Elon Musk has hinted that HW4-equipped cars could be 3 to 5 times more adept at autonomous driving. Furthermore, the possibility of retrofitting existing Tesla vehicles with HW4 cameras has been shut down, disappointing some current owners.

In addition to camera updates, Tesla also made significant price reductions across its lineup. The Model S Long Range and Model X Long Range saw price drops of 15% and 18.7% in the U.S., respectively. These reductions have important implications, such as the Model S LR now falling under the luxury tax threshold in Canada and the Model X LR qualifying for the full federal tax credit in the U.S.

Furthermore, Tesla made the colors for the Model S and Model X free, including the premium Ultra Red color. This strategic move may incentivize customers to opt for more eye-catching colors and maintain the flagship status of these models.

Tesla‘s Full Self-Driving (FSD) package also saw a price reduction, making it more accessible to customers. The reasons for the price drop are unclear, as there have been no changes to the listed features. However, Tesla‘s global price changes indicate a strategic move to boost sales, clear inventory, or maintain dominance in the EV market worldwide.

Lastly, Tesla unveiled the much-anticipated refreshed Model 3, codenamed Highland, in showrooms in China. The vehicle boasts several impressive updates, including multicolor ambient LED interior lighting, increased range, improved suspension and road noise reduction, and a 17-speaker sound system. These updates enhance the overall driving experience and solidify Tesla‘s position as a leader in the Electric vehicle market.

September 2, 2023, was a day filled with exciting Tesla updates, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With improved camera technology, price reductions, and a refreshed Model 3, Tesla continues to push boundaries and set new standards in the Electric vehicle industry.

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