Tesla ‘Showdown’ Between Semi and Cybertruck [Video]

By means of Kevin Armstrong

At Investor Future <a href=Tesla‘s Cybertruck and Semi ‘raced’ along every alternative” src=”https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/1239/aspect-ratio: 1200 / 675;”/>

It’s a scene 4 years within the making, Tesla’s two latest cars going head-to-head. The corporate’s Investor Future match took on a Rapid and Enraged really feel when Cybertruck coated up in opposition to the Semi for a winner-take-all, red slip for a red slip, drag race. Neatly, it won’t had been that intense, however nonetheless, it used to be thrilling to look the 2 cars in combination in the actual international.

We will be able to observe social media channels for a brandnew video. In accordance to a couple spectators, a drone seemed to be filming the motion from above because the Semi and Cybertruck silently sprinted off the sequence. Additionally in the back of the 2 latest Teslas have been the Fashion S, 3, X and Y.

Noticeably absent, the Roadster, as apparently the second one time of the car that began all of it, is instantly falling off Tesla’s to-do checklist. The Roadster used to be now not discussed at Investor Future and didn’t seem on a slide that confirmed the corporate’s life plans.

For the ones inquisitive about who received the race, obviously, Cybertruck would win if it used to be an actual drag race. Pace we’re nonetheless ready on specifications for the fresh car, Cybertruck used to be anticipated to proceed 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Tesla-reference/963/everything-we-know-about-the-Tesla-semi”>Pace the Semi, which Elon Musk stated, “It looks crazy, it looks like an elephant moving like a cheetah,” is going 0-60 in 5 seconds.

By means of Kevin Armstrong

<a href=Tesla submitted plans for a dirve-in eating place” loading=”lazy” src=”https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/1239/aspect-ratio: 1200 / 675;”/>

All over Tesla‘s fresh Investor Future, Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla‘s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, introduced an ingenious slide titled “Can’t Forget to Do Cool S***.” The slide featured as an example of a retro-looking Tesla Diner eating place with a rooftop patio and an old-school drive-in film display in the back of it. Crowd may well be open lining as much as get within, hinting that regardless of the eating place serves is importance the wait. This visible may possibly turn into a truth.

Tesla-gets-serious-about-plans-drive-restaurant” goal=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Tesla submitted plans for a 24-hour charging station in Los Angeles contains the Tesla Supercharger Diner & Pressure-In in 2022. Doesn’t Elon Musk have enough quantity on his plate (pun supposed)? Musk tweeted concerning the concept greater than 5 years in the past. The diner will substitute a cafe in Hollywood and deal a singular and stress-free enjoy to Tesla homeowners and the nation.

Plans Divulge greater than a Diner

The proposed Tesla Supercharger Diner & Pressure-In will probably be greater than only a park to devour. The 2-story eating place will constituent indoor and outside seating, at the side of two film displays and 34 Tesla charging ports. The outside segment will probably be surrounded by way of bamboo landscaping, offering an enthralling environment to experience a meal future your Tesla fees up. Shoppers may possibly additionally decide to have their meals delivered instantly to their Car by way of a snack bar and carhop segment, including a nostalgic contact to the diner.

Tesla has known that consumers spend about 20-Half-hour at charging stations and wish to have one thing to do all through that year. That is the place the theory for a drive-in film theater is available in. The eating place and charging stations will probably be obvious 24/7, future the film displays will perform from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Programming will probably be scheduled in 30-minute periods, aligned with the year had to fee a car.

Subway Putting in place at Charging Stations

Electric car charging stations are a gold mine for corporations to catch hungry vacationers. Electric-vehicle-charging-oasis-parks/” goal=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Subway and GenZ EV Answers not too long ago introduced a partnership to serve an “EV Charging Oasis” that includes charging canopies with more than one ports, picnic tables, Wi-Fi, restrooms, inexperienced territory, places and a Subway eating place. The Oasis will probably be piloted in gardens of the U.S. this generation.

The Tesla Supercharger Diner & Pressure-In displays the corporate’s philosophy of now not forgetting to do cool stuff. The proposed eating place is watching for kindness from the Town of Los Angeles. With its unfashionable diner glance, bamboo landscaping, and old-school drive-in film theater, the Tesla Supercharger Diner & Pressure-In will probably be a memorable and stress-free vacation spot for years yet to come.

By means of Kevin Armstrong

<a href=Tesla will obvious a brandnew gigafactory in Mexico’s northern border atmosphere of Nuevo Leon” loading=”lazy” src=”https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/1239/aspect-ratio: 1200 / 1172;”/>

Elon Musk introduced on the fresh Investor Future that Tesla will obvious a brandnew gigafactory in Mexico’s northern border atmosphere of Nuevo Leon. The manufacturing unit, which is predicted to be the arena’s biggest Electric car plant, will probably be importance over $5 billion and can complement the output of Tesla‘s alternative factories. Pace it’s a bulky win for Mexico, Canada, which used to be additionally rumored to be within the working, has been overlooked within the chilly.

The announcement comes next months of hypothesis and get in touch with cries between Musk and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, together with a one-hour name the night time ahead of the Investor Future match. The brandnew gigafactory in Mexico is predicted to assemble as much as 6,000 jobs in Nuevo Leon, and Tesla is thinking about generating batteries within the nation. In line with senior officers, Musk may be all in favour of additional funding in Mexico.

Musk has hinted at Canada

At a shareholder assembly in August 2022, Tesla-gigafactory”>Musk requested the society the place the then gigafactory must be constructed; he upcoming stated, “We get a lot of Canada. I am half-Canadian. Maybe I should?”

A Tesla-s-love-letter-to-canada-could-have-a-deeper-meaning”>fresh electronic mail to homeowners highlighted the corporate’s certain affect on Canada’s financial system. Tesla‘s overall contribution to Canadian GDP in 2021 used to be $762 million, and the corporate supplied 6,645 full-time jobs within the nation, together with 3,100 direct jobs, because of its operations and spending. The direct work affect is similar to a few% of all jobs within the auto portions production sector.

Mexico is a Scorching Spot for EVs

Possibly the letter used to be supposed to melt the squander when Tesla made up our minds to proceed with Mexico. Nuevo Leon has many benefits for its plant because of its proximity to Austin, the place Tesla has its headquarters. This will probably be Tesla‘s 3rd manufacturing unit outdoor of the USA, next the company not too long ago opened crops in China and Germany. Tesla‘s announcement comes only a few weeks next BMW stated it might be making an investment in a manufacturing unit in Mexico. Ford additionally manufactures its Electric SUV within the nation.

Pace Canada ignored out this year, Tesla-connected-to-two-north-american-expansion-rumors”>Tesla plans to have 10-12 gigafactories international. When it breaks floor in 3 months, the corporate will divulge what cars it’s going to create on the Nuevo Leon manufacturing unit. Musk stated there could be an respectable ground-breaking match at that year.

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