Tesla Supercharger V4 revealed to be twice as powerful

Tesla Supercharger V4 revealed to be twice as powerful

The Tesla Supercharger V4 is the latest and greatest in Electric vehicle charging technology, and it has the potential to revolutionize the industry. With the ability to output up to 600 kW of power and a longer cable design, the Supercharger V4 can charge Electric vehicles faster than ever before. The new Charger also has the potential to enable CCS charging for non-Tesla Electric vehicles, making it a versatile option for any EV driver.

The Supercharger V4 is currently being deployed in select locations, and Tesla is expected to ramp up production in the coming months. The higher power output of the V4 is an exciting development, but the real limitation of Electric vehicle charging is still at the Car level. Most Tesla vehicles won’t be able to accept the full 600 kW of power, so the higher output of the Supercharger V4 won’t be utilized until the vehicles themselves are upgraded.

Despite the limitations, the Supercharger V4 is still an exciting development in Electric vehicle charging technology. With its potential to charge faster than ever before, the Supercharger V4 is a welcome addition to the Electric vehicle landscape. It has the potential to revolutionize the industry and make Electric vehicle charging more accessible to everyone.

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