Tesla Town? Musk challenges validity of employee neighborhood

Elon Musk has challenged a recent report that claimed he was building an employee neighborhood in Texas. According to The Wall Street Journal, the neighborhood called “Snailbrook” was described as “a sort of Texas utopia along the Colorado River” and Musk had even met with landowners and real-estate developers to prepare the community for a smooth and fast construction process. However, Musk took to Twitter to call the report “false”.

In January, it was reported that Musk was in the works to partner with Lennar Corporation, a residential construction company based in Florida but operates in Texas, along with 23 other states. The project was named “Project Amazing” and could be utilized by employees to take advantage of a quick and painless commute to work if they were okay with living on their boss’s property. It even had names that were seemingly related to Musk, such as “Boring Boulevard.”

It seems that the employee neighborhood is on hold for now, as Musk has dispelled the rumors. Despite the reports and speculation, it seems that the project is not moving forward at this time.

Musk has often taken it upon himself to dispel rumors about his life and ventures, and understandably so. It could be that the report was overstated, or that Musk simply didn’t want the press to get too excited about the potential project. Whatever the case, it looks like the employee neighborhood is not in the works as of now.

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