Tesla now lets you turn off remote start commands in the Service menu

Tesla now lets you turn off remote start commands in the Service menu

is a new setting added by Tesla that allows owners to grant or disable access to remote commands in their vehicles. This feature provides an additional layer of security for those who want to control who can use the suite of mobile commands available for their Tesla.

The new setting was discovered by a Tesla owner on software 2023.27.7. It appears as a toggle selector in the Service menu, allowing owners to give or take away access to remote start, honking, flashing lights, and more. When disabled, the remote start feature is completely turned off.

When the information logo is selected, users are provided with the following message about the new setting:

“When enabled, allow authorized Tesla personnel to remotely send commands like start, honk, and flash lights to this vehicle. This setting is automatically disabled when a service visit is completed. To temporarily grant these capabilities and more to an independent repair workshop, use the ‘Add Driver’ feature within the Tesla mobile app.”

The setting also allows owners to grant temporary access to independent repair workshops through the Tesla mobile app. This eliminates the need for service personnel to use the driver’s key card or key fob for remote start features.

Tesla‘s addition of this feature is part of its ongoing efforts to enhance data security and consent for its owners. Earlier this year, the automaker added the ability to toggle passive authentication for other drivers who have been given access to the vehicle. Tesla also offers the option to enable or disable its Sentry Mode, which allows owners to remotely view their Car‘s surroundings using its cameras.

By giving owners more control over who can access remote commands, Tesla is ensuring that its vehicles remain secure and protected. This feature provides peace of mind for owners who want to limit access to their Tesla‘s functions and puts them in control of their vehicle’s security.

Overall, the addition of the

setting showcases Tesla‘s commitment to continuously improving its vehicles and addressing customer concerns. With this feature, Tesla owners can now have greater control over who can use remote commands in their vehicles, enhancing the overall security and privacy of their Tesla ownership experience.

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