Tesla taps Asian partners to address 4680 battery concerns

Tesla’s towering V4 Superchargers break cover in Holland

Tesla has unveiled its new Supercharger V4 station in the Netherlands, which promises to be the most powerful charging station yet. It stands tall in black and white trim and offers the potential to charge Electric vehicles with an output of up to 1,000 kW or more. The charging cable is attached to the side of the station and is much longer than earlier versions, allowing it to accommodate Electric vehicles with charge ports on the side.

In addition to the V4 station, Tesla has also launched an option that allows non-Tesla Electric vehicles access to its Supercharger stations. This is achieved through the use of a “Magic Dock” — a built-in CCS Combo 1 adapter that allows fast charging of non-Tesla cars with a CCS1 fast charging inlet.

The new Supercharger V4 station is a game-changer for Electric vehicle owners. Not only does it provide the potential for faster charging times, but it also allows for the charging of non-Tesla Electric vehicles. This could be a great advantage for drivers who want to take advantage of public charging stations and use their Electric vehicles for longer trips.

The new Supercharger V4 station is an impressive advancement in Electric vehicle technology. It’s an exciting development for drivers who want to take advantage of Tesla’s commitment to providing the best in Electric vehicle charging technology. With its potential to charge up to 1,000 kW or more and its ability to charge non-Tesla cars, the Supercharger V4 station is a welcome addition to the world of Electric vehicles.

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