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Current Taxi returns to Victoria after nearly two year hiatus

The return of Current Taxi to Victoria, British Columbia is a welcome sight for those who appreciate both convenience and sustainability. Current Taxi has led the way in offering Electric vehicle (EV) services in British Columbia since 2017, when it started in Kelowna as the province’s first all-Electric taxi fleet.

When it expanded to Victoria in November 2019, Current Taxi provided taxi services in a fleet of Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model X vehicles. Unfortunately, the financial impacts of the pandemic were too much, and the company was forced to shut down operations in Victoria in mid-2021.

Now, Current Taxi has returned to Victoria, and customers can use the convenient mobile app to reserve a ride up to 30 days in advance. The app allows customers to select their pickup location, track the vehicle as it makes its way to them, and also pay for the trip.

Current Taxi’s decision to use Tesla vehicles means passengers can enjoy a luxurious ride while also supporting sustainability. Plus, the company charges the exact same rates as a regular taxi, ensuring that customers don’t have to pay extra for the same service.

The return of Current Taxi to Victoria is a great development for those who want to support sustainability and enjoy a luxurious ride at the same time. The company’s use of Tesla vehicles ensures that passengers can do both without having to pay extra for their service.

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