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NIO gets more aggressive with plans for 1,000 new, faster battery–swap stations ahead of launch of budget cars

Battery swapping has become a popular option for Electric vehicle (EV) owners to quickly and conveniently recharge their vehicles. Chinese automaker NIO is leading the charge in battery swapping technology, and their recent announcement of plans to set up 1,000 new battery-swap stations is a major step forward.

NIO currently has 1,300 swap stations in China, where users can replace their depleted batteries with fully charged ones. This helps them avoid the considerable wait times to charge an EV battery conventionally. NIO also offers a battery-as-a-service (BaaS) option, which reduces the Car’s purchase price while customers make monthly payments for the battery and service. It can reduce EV costs by up to 20%.

The new battery-swap stations will use a more efficient design and will be completed before the end of 2023. Each station will be able to handle 408 battery swaps daily, which is 30% more efficient than existing stations. NIO has also developed a feature that autonomously parks the Car in the proper position, which makes the swap process take only three minutes.

NIO plans to own more than 4,000 swap stations globally by the end of 2025, with about a quarter of them being outside of China. The company has already seen success with their European stations, which completed 10,000 swaps in February.

NIO VP Shen Fei has stated that the company is open to sharing their battery swap technology with other carmakers. By doing this, they hope to expand their service and network, bringing better user experience to Car owners.

Battery swapping technology is an important part of making EVs more accessible to the public. The convenience of not having to wait hours for a full battery charge is a major draw for many potential EV buyers, and NIO is leading the way in making it a reality. With the company’s ambitious plans to expand their battery swap network, they are sure to keep the momentum going and make EVs even more appealing to the public.

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