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Saskatchewan Rivers School District gets first electric school bus in the province

Electric school buses are becoming more popular in various parts of the world and are now making their way to Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Rivers School District has become the first in the province to receive an Electric school bus, which will provide transportation for Red Wing School students north of Prince Albert.

The Electric bus is more than just a normal school bus, it’s equipped with the latest advancements in battery range and other data. The bus supplier, Western Canadian Bus Sales, provided this data to the district so they can make the best decision for the route. The route was chosen as it is a rural and suburban route with a variety of highway and city-like driving.

The Electric bus is also equipped with an EV Charger and the district has set up their maintenance team and yard to deal with the new Electric bus. This includes training for staff organized and paid for by Western Canadian.

The school district is looking to see how the bus fares in Prairie weather, however, there are no plans to electrify its school bus fleet anytime soon. The data from the EV bus will help plan future procurement.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and the day will come when Electric school buses are commonplace. The Saskatchewan Rivers School District has taken the initiative to get ahead of the game, using the Electric bus to see how it works in the Prairie climate. With the data they collect, they will be able to make informed decisions on the future of their school bus fleet.

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