Tesla Model Y AWD disappears from online configurator in the US

Tesla Model Y AWD disappears from online configurator in the US

Tesla has recently removed the Model Y All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variant from its website in the US, leaving fans speculating about the reason behind this decision. The Model Y AWD was the first variant to feature Tesla‘s next generation 4680 battery cells, which were built at the Giga Texas factory. However, production of this variant has been slow, prompting Tesla to add the Long Range variant with 2170 cells to the production lines.

It took a year for Tesla to add the Model Y AWD to its Design Studio for customers to order, and it was never available to Canadian customers. Just five months after being added to the online configurator, the Model Y AWD has now been removed, leaving only the Long Range AWD and Performance variants available for purchase in the US.

While the Model Y AWD is no longer available for custom order, there are still hundreds of them available in the existing inventory section of Tesla‘s website. The last list price of the Model Y AWD before its removal was US$47,740.

Tesla has not provided any official explanation for why the Model Y AWD has been removed, leading to various speculations among fans. Some believe that Tesla may want to reserve all 4680 production for the upcoming Cybertruck. However, it is unlikely as Tesla‘s senior VP for powertrain and energy engineering, Drew Baglino, previously mentioned that the Cybertruck would use a new version of the 4680 battery with higher energy density.

Another reason why the Model Y AWD may have been removed is that the Cybertruck has not entered series production yet. Even if both vehicles were to use the same 4680 cell, the low production levels of the Cybertruck throughout 2023 would not significantly impact the availability of the Model Y AWD.

It is worth noting that the Model Y production lines at Giga Texas have been down for maintenance and upgrades for over a week. This planned outage could be a contributing factor to the removal of the Model Y AWD, suggesting that Tesla may have encountered some issues during the upgrade process.

Overall, the removal of the Model Y AWD from Tesla‘s website has left fans wondering about the reasons behind this decision. Whether it is related to battery production allocation or production challenges, only time will tell. For now, interested buyers can still find the Model Y AWD in the existing inventory section of Tesla‘s website.

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