Tesla Supercharger network in Canada reaches 200 station milestone

Tesla Supercharger network in Canada reaches 200 station milestone

Tesla‘s Supercharger network in Canada has reached a significant milestone, with the opening of the Grimsby Supercharger in Ontario. This brings the total number of Supercharger stations in Canada to 200, marking a major achievement for Tesla‘s fast charging network.

Tesla built its first Supercharger station in Canada in Squamish, BC in 2014, just two years after the very first station opened in California. At that time, the company was only producing the Model S. However, with the introduction of the Model X in 2015, followed by the Model 3 and Model Y in 2017 and 2020 respectively, the Supercharger network in Canada has grown significantly.

One of the biggest moments for the Supercharger network in Canada came in 2019, when Tesla turned on more than 20 stations in a span of just a few days, providing complete coast-to-coast coverage. This was a major step forward in expanding the accessibility and convenience of Electric vehicle charging across the country.

The opening of the 200th Supercharger station in Grimsby, Ontario is another significant milestone. With a total of 1,946 Supercharger stalls now available across Canada, there is an average of 9.73 stalls per station. The largest station in the country is located in Richmond, BC, boasting 40 stalls and opened in September.

Tesla‘s expansion of the Supercharger network in Canada is not slowing down. Currently, there are 18 stations under construction throughout the country, with 10 of them started in the last month alone. This continued growth reflects Tesla‘s commitment to providing convenient and efficient charging options for its customers.

Earlier this year, Tesla also celebrated the opening of its 50,000th Supercharger stall worldwide, located in Roseville, California. This milestone demonstrates the rapid expansion of Tesla‘s charging infrastructure globally and the increasing demand for Electric vehicles.

To find the nearest Supercharger station, Tesla owners can use the Tesla Charging account on Twitter, which provides updates on new station openings and availability. Additionally, Tesla‘s website and mobile app offer real-time information on Supercharger locations and charging status.

With the continued expansion of Tesla‘s Supercharger network in Canada and around the world, Electric vehicle owners can enjoy the benefits of fast and convenient charging, making Electric transportation more accessible and sustainable.

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