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VinFast loses three senior sales executives

VinFast, a Vietnamese Car manufacturer, is making headlines as it seeks to expand its presence in the United States. The company has recently lost three senior sales executives, including its Deputy Chief Executive for Global Sales and Marketing, Gareth Dunsmore. According to a statement from VinFast, Dunsmore left the company for personal reasons.

In addition, Greg Tebbutt, Chief Marketing Officer, and Craig Westbrook, Chief Service Officer, also left due to changes in the management model and specific business requirements. This is not the first time VinFast has seen losses in its executive ranks. In June, the company ended its contract with Emmanuel Bret, who was Gareth Dunsmore’s deputy. At the same time, VinFast also lost three other senior executives.

The company has experienced other difficulties in its attempts to expand into the US market. In February, VinFast consolidated its US and Canada operations, resulting in 80 job cuts and the departure of Chief Financial Officer Rodney Hanes. In addition, the company’s US-based production plant in North Carolina has been delayed.

In order to move forward with its plans, VinFast will need to rebound from these losses and find a new crop of leadership. It remains to be seen if the company can recover and make progress on its ambitious goals. The company needs to be able to demonstrate success in order to attract the necessary resources and personnel to continue its growth.

VinFast has made considerable investments in expanding its presence in the United States, and the company’s recent losses have put a dent in these efforts. In order to recover, the company will have to find new leadership and establish a plan to move forward.

VinFast has the potential to be a major player in the US market, but it needs to prove that it can face its challenges and deliver on its promises. If the company can find the right people to lead it and successfully execute its plans, then it could become a major force in the US automotive industry.

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